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As independent professional advisors, we can offer you a personalized financial strategy, not a

generic investment program. Your individual portfolio will be based on your unique situation,

your attitudes,preferences and goals. It will be designed to account for change, both in the market

and in your circumstances, so that it can work with you and for you at every stage of your life.


Contact us for a meeting of discovery, where we learn about your specific situation and you learn about us.
We will determine together whether our approach is right for you and your family.

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Raymond James In The News

New market thoughts from Raymond James’ Jeff Saut: “Nothing Feels Stable” 02/06/17

The call for this week: Bullish sentiment across all venues is extreme (read: bearishly). Selling Pressure rose last week as Buying Power declined. According to the astute Lowry’s service, there has not been a 90% Upside Day since November 7, 2016. The stock market is overbought

New market thoughts from Raymond James’ Jeff Saut: “Becoming Warren Buffett” 2/3/2017

“The trick in investing is to just sit there and watch pitch after pitch go by and wait for the one right in your sweet spot. And if people are saying ‘swing you bum,’ ignore them.” …Warren Buffett In this day and age of “cutting the cord” and tryin

New market thoughts from Raymond James’ Jeff Saut: “The Primary Trend” 01/31/17

“The most important consideration when investing in the stock market is the primary trend of the equity markets.” . . . Richard Russell (Dow Theory Letters) I lost my friend Richard Russell in November 2015, the last great interpreter of Dow Theory, which is a theory I hav

New market thoughts from Raymond James’ Jeff Saut: “Next Year in Jerusalem” 01/30/17

The call for this week: The maelstrom our President has unleashed over immigration, and the seven countries under temporary ban, is yet another reason to honor our models’ cautionary stance in the near-term. Our advice to such celebrities as Madonna is to “Take a Breath,&#